Guide To Window Blinds & Children


Numerous children display a keen inclination towards curiosity, and despite being well-mannered, there is no assurance that they won’t occasionally engage in mischievous behaviour. Even the most exemplary children may surprise you with their ability to commit mischievous acts in mere moments when your attention is momentarily diverted, leaving you puzzled.

In this informative article, we will explore the kinds of window blinds that are not advisable for households with children. Furthermore, we will offer practical advice on enhancing the safety of currently installed blinds in homes where kids reside. This knowledge is valuable for individuals who are well-informed and seeking neutral, general information in order to make informed decisions about childproofing their homes.

Window Blinds That Are Not Recommended When You Have Children

When it comes to households with children, it is recommended to avoid using expensive or fragile blinds that may not withstand accidents such as spills or damage from objects like cricket bats. Zebra or night blinds, Roman blinds, and wooden blinds made from real wood are three specific types of blinds that are not suitable for such households. Additionally, Luxury blinds, including luxury blackout blinds, should also be avoided in these settings.

These three types of blinds typically come at a high cost and are not very resistant to impacts, such as those from bats or toys. They also lack waterproof features, which means they can be easily damaged by spills. It is recommended to use these blinds in areas of your home where there are no children, or alternatively, view them as more of an aesthetic idea than a practical choice. It would be wise to delay purchasing and installing these blinds until your home is child-free. However, considering the expensive nature of housing, you may have to postpone the decision until your child reaches the age of 25.

To effectively safeguard children, it is advisable to keep blinds out of their reach. Once children reach a height of 2 feet, they become capable of accessing elevated areas. Despite your best efforts, growing children will always have a natural curiosity, and unfortunately, it is impossible to reduce their height to align with your preferences.

The kitchen is the most used room in the house. It is the hub of any home, dress it up with some roller shades or faux wood blinds from Blinds Chalet. Upgrade to custom window treatments that fit your kitchen and lifestyle so you can enjoy every moment with luxury kitchen blinds.

Numerous homeowners continue to extensively incorporate them into their homes, and they persist as a prominent feature in many recently built houses in the modern age.

Considering these factors, completely eradicating blinds might be a difficult objective to achieve. Nonetheless, it is crucial to implement precautions to ensure that your children cannot access the controls of the blinds. This usually entails securing the chain or cord responsible for manoeuvring the blinds, along with the wand utilized to modify the slat angles in specific types of blinds.

Essential guidelines for ensuring the safety of children.

Children and teenagers, despite their knowledge, may view blindfolds as a way to secretly communicate with others. They may also see blinds as a convenient prop to put their heads into, which increases the likelihood of accidental strangulation or hanging incidents. Furthermore, this behaviour can lead to the blinds being forcefully torn off the window, potentially causing various injuries.

Child safety features are mandatory for all blinds In the United Kingdom, but there are cases of illegal sales that do not adhere to these requirements. It is important to take this factor into account when buying blinds.

Child-proof window blinds are crucial in avoiding mishaps, especially if your children or spouse unintentionally put their heads inside the blinds and begin to twist them. In these scenarios, the cord or slat is likely to snap, interrupting their immediate pleasure while guaranteeing their safety. However, it is important to acknowledge that even with child-proof blinds, children may still participate in other unsafe behaviours such as climbing into attics or venturing onto rooftops.

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