Shower Curtains VS Shower Doors


In the eyes of most people shower curtains or shower doors are what are going to make or break ones bathroom. So, when you decide to update your bathroom you are going to be faced with the option of installing a shower door or using a shower curtain. Both of them have their pros and cons, but which one is ultimately the better choice? This article is going to explore both options in details so you can decide which option is going to be the best choice for your bathroom.

To begin we are going to discuss the advantages of using shower curtains.

  • · Shower curtains are excellent when it comes to keeping your floors and bathroom walls from becoming drenched with water that is projected from your shower head.
  • · When you decide to change the décor that is in your bathroom your shower curtain can easily be changed so it can fit in with the other décor. Not to mention the fact that shower curtains are usually not very expensive so you can change them up frequently if you want to.
  • · If you decide to use a crescent rod with your shower curtain you will not only have more space but you will also be insuring that your bathroom has a trendy look as well.
  • · Shower curtains are sold in all home stores and they are easy to install.

Now on to some of the not so pleasant things that come along with using shower curtains..

  • · Majority of shower curtains contain polyvinyl chloride which is a product that has been classified as being the cause of headaches.
  • · When you are taking a shower it is not uncommon to have the shower curtain get in your way which can lead to frustration.
  • · Shower curtains usually become dirty and moldy in just a few months which means they are going to have to be cleaned often unless you want to keep changing them out after they become an eye soar.
  • · If the shower curtain is not of good quality it can easily be torn off of the shower rings which means you may have to replace it sooner than you expected.

Now those are the basic pros and cons of shower curtains so we will proceed to the pros and cons of shower doors.

Pros of shower doors

  • · Shower doors, when installed correctly, will keep your floors from getting wet when you are taking a shower.
  • · They do not require much maintenance. All you have to do is spray them with a glass cleaner and you can wipe away any dirt. So, you never have to worry about mold or mildew.
  • · Shower doors give a bathroom a more modern look than curtains because they can be designed in an assortment of different ways.
  • · They can make your bathroom look bigger and you do not have to replace them as frequently as shower curtains.

Now for the cons of using shower doors

  • · Shower doors are going to cost a whole lot more than the most expensive shower curtain.
  • · If you do not clean around the tracks and the edges of the doors scum build up can make them look very unattractive.
  • · They can cause people to feel claustrophobic because they close in the shower area.
  • · You cannot replace them as often as shower curtains so when making a choice you have to stick with it.

Now that you know the pros and the cons you can decide whether you want to go with shower doors or discount shower curtains. Click here to get more ideas about home maintenance.

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