Spirit Level or Laser Line Level – Which is Better?


The various construction projects need two very important things, which are precise measurements and expert hands. You will come across numerous power tools in the market that can help you in generating quality products by offering you high level accuracy and stability. One among those is the leveling tools. These tools are regarded as one of the most expensive forms of tools in the entire tool kit and carry out some of the most significant acts while making the life of the user quite easy. Brick layering is one of the most vital acts that take place in any construction project and this is also one of the most important aspects of a quality and accurate construction. It has been use for a very long time but the latest versions are quite different to their predecessors. Although the principle remains the same like the earlier versions but today they are capable of measuring large scale projects.

Earlier, people had to take measurements of various areas of a construction project simultaneously to make sure to achieve a level surface. Nowadays you can easily make use of straight line laser level or a cross-hair spirit level (bubble level) for dealing with bigger projects. Now the question is which one is better among these two.

Spirit Level Needs Manual Adjustments

Bubble level uses a liquid inside a tube. A cross-hair bubble level is used by the surveyor that comes with a viewing attachment for measuring projects from a distance and accordingly arrive at calculations and adjustments to determine whether the area is straight or not. The same principle is made use of by the carpenters who use wood bubble levels for measuring large-scale projects like cabinets and rooms.

Laser Line Level Use Laser Technology

A laser line level, on the other hand, makes use of a laser technology for creating straight lines on the surface. It uses the idea of making use of laser light for drawing line on a given surface. Such types of levels can trigger laser beams anywhere from ten feet to a hundred feet long. They shoot straight ahead till they hit a deflective surface and thereby bend. This necessarily entails that the line produced by it remains as accurately straight, across the whole process of leveling.

Spirit level needs manual adjustments and calculations which is absent in straight line laser level. Both have their own benefits in the construction field. They come in different styles, lengths, materials, features and prices that you can choose from in order to cater to your requirements and budgets.

How to buy a good level tool for brick layering?

While there are several different types of these tools available in the market, it is quite imperative to choose the one that is efficient and o good quality.

  1. Check for the design
  2. Check for the material with which it is made.

You can look for further information on the internet to know in details about them. Both of them make life easy and smooth for human beings.

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