Settling Tube Disputes: 3 Ways to Do It Right


If you find that you and your spouse are constantly fighting over what to watch on TV, then you’ll be glad to hear that there are 3 great ways to settle such tube disputes. You can choose to watch TV on different days of the week, purchase another TV, or sign up for a service which lets you watch shows at your convenience.

1) Divide up the days of the week

A good strategy for settling debates about who can control the TV remote is to decide on specific days of the week when either you or your spouse are unquestionably in charge. This can work great if your favorite TV shows fall on different days and if you are willing to sacrifice less important shows on the day that your spouse controls the tube. However, with only 7 days in the week there is a good chance that your shows might fall on the same day, in which case you should try the other options below.

2) Get a second TV and watch in separate rooms

The price of basic TVs nowadays has gone down considerably. True, you can expect to shell out a lot of cash for the latest and most advanced sets, but if you don’t need all of those bells and whistles then you are likely to find something that will fit comfortably into your budget. Just do a bit of research, read a few reviews, and ask the employees at the electronic store for your best options. Then, even if you live in a one-bedroom place, you can have a TV in the bedroom and a TV in the living room and divide your tube time this way.

3) Get a TV service that lets you record shows or watch them on demand

Probably the simplest way to settle debates with your spouse about what to watch on TV is to sign up for a TV service that lets your record your shows or watch them on demand. This way you don’t have to divide up the days of the week and you don’t have to buy a new TV (though it still wouldn’t be a bad idea to do these things as well). You can get this kind of service from comcast packages. Such a service comes with the added convenience of being able to record shows while you are out, or of being able to watch them later on demand. Hopefully, even with one TV, there are enough hours in the day for you and your spouse to watch everything you want.

Just try these three simple tips for settling tube disputes and bring some added harmony to the relationship between you and your spouse. No longer will you have to argue over who gets to control the remote. If you are constantly arguing over the use of one TV which doesn’t even let you record your programs, then it’s time to look at some of these suggested solutions. To learn more about relationship conflict resolution techniques visit this website:

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