The Best Shopping Spots in Hollywood


It is a town full of glitz and glamour. You never know who you might run across on any of the streets or where you might bump into someone famous. Even a trip to the grocery store is an opportunity to see a star. The town is Hollywood, and there is an endless amount that can be done there. One thing that many people like to do, whether they are visiting there for the first time or have lived there for many years, is taking advantage of all the great shopping available in Hollywood. While there are many places you can choose from depending on the type of shops you like to go to, there are still some main shopping spots in Hollywood that you do not want to miss if you are there. To find out more about the busiest shopping day in Hollywood, visit this website:

An often overlooked spot in Hollywood that is a great place to shop is the Farmer’s Market. While many go to Hollywood to visit the famous and glamorous designer shops, there is great shopping here at the market. While a lot of tourists do go there, it is a great spot to find fruits, vegetables, meat, flowers, and more that you may not see a lot of in your own city (especially if you don’t live in a warm climate!). If you live in Hollywood, it is a great place to go yourself to pick up some local fresh things. The Hollywood Farmer’s Market is open every Sunday from 8am-1pm – get there early to get the best stuff! You’ll find over 90 farmers, 30 local artisans, and (my favorite) 30 baked goods vendors. Best of all, this is farm to table shopping, from local California vendors. You can also get all kinds of ethnic foods, honey, fish, free range meats, clothing – and plenty to eat right on the spot. You’ll also be able to hear street musicians every Sunday! No weekend in Hollywood would be complete without a visit to the Farmer’s Market.

When some people think of Hollywood, they immediately think of Frederick’s of Hollywood. The store itself is something of an institution in the city, and is a place not to be missed. Whether you just want to go there so you can say that you saw it or you want to pick up some naughty lingerie yourself, it is definitely worth checking out. This is also quite a change from the more family-friendly Farmer’s Market – this city has many sides!

Going to Melrose Avenue is another place many do not want to miss. Many famous people shop in this area, so you never know who you might see while you’re shopping here. There are lots of boutiques and shops to cover every taste from the retro look to chic, model attire.

While in Hollywood, you’ll naturally want to go to Beverly Hills. This is the hub of all the fashion in the area. You will find shops and boutiques right out of the pages of the glossy fashion magazines. The world-famous Rodeo Drive offers you not only famous shops like Prada, Gucci, Cartier, and Armani, but it gives you the chance to do a lot of celebrity-watching, as well.

While it may not physically be in Hollywood, the It’s a Wrap store is an institution where movies and television are concerned. A must to stop at, it offers all kinds of props and wardrobe from movies and television shows that you can purchase. Walk through and browse or pick up an item from your favorite movie.

There are so many great places to go that it is hard to narrow down the best shopping spots in Hollywood. Some of the best advice you can get is to go yourself and just explore. You may find some hidden gems of your own that are not highly publicized but well worth the trip. Serendipity is all!

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