Should You Buy a Spa or Hot Tub?


You can feel the relaxing water circulating against your tense neck now. After a long week at a stressful job spending time in an outdoor spa can release anxieties which build up during a normal day. Or perhaps you want to buy a new, state of the art hot tub to melt away your worries? The difference between a spa and hot tub concerns how water circulates through the device. Most spas circulate water directly through the seats or floor while hot tubs circulate water from around the seats.


How much money can you spend on a hot tub or spa? A spa places less stress on your wallet. Portable spas – with support and installation included – range in cost from $3,000 to $4,500. Wooden hot tubs can run from $4,000 to $6,000 for a quality, dependable product. The bigger hot tub price tag also included support and installation. Make sure to invest in a redwood or cedar spa to prevent splintering or leaks due to decay. If you know an individual who can install your portable spa at a reduced rate you can purchase a redwood spa for anywhere from $1,500 to $1,900.


The aforementioned hot tub is built using wood while spas are built with materials such as hard plastics or concrete. You can choose fiberglass, gel coat, air-blown concrete, acrylic or thermoplastics to construct your spa. Concrete spas are more expensive to build and time-consuming since each must be custom-made. Thermoplastics are durable and resistant to chemical and sun damage.

Use the Internet to Research Options

Go online to industry specific forums for fair and honest reviews of products and research the benefits and drawbacks of spas and hot tubs. Ask around your neighborhood for opinions too. Your neighbor might clue you in as to how a particular material fares in the local climate. Gauge the opinions of your neighborhood friends and online reviewers to formulate an idea of what option vibes with you.

Choose a Dealer

After researching online, create a list of dealers within driving distance. Contact your local Better Business Bureau to find reputable, professional dealerships which sell hot tubs and outdoor spas. In order to make the proper choice, spend time trying out each to see if one or the other effectively eases tension, increases your blood flow or lulls you into a relaxed, trance-like state.

Check Local Ordinances

Get permission from your condominium association in writing before you decide to buy a spa or hot tub for your condo. Some towns adopt ordinances which strictly prohibit the use of hot tubs or spas within residential neighborhoods.


If you have a few more dollars to spend go the hot tub route for a more authentic, luxurious experience. You really cannot go wrong since purchasing a spa or hot tub can improve your mood, cleanse your skin and pores and make you forget about the worries of the day the moment you step into your new toy.

About the Author: Ryan Biddulph enjoys writing about home improvements and providing outdoor living tips.

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