The Advantages Of Using Two Way Radios


A two way radio has the ability to transmit and receive content. This means it enables the operator to converse with similar radios, which have been allocated the same radio frequency. These radios are available in mobile, stationary and portable models with the handheld ones commonly referred to as walkie-talkies. When using two way radios the operator can only talk or listen to their partner but they cannot do both at the same time. This is enabled by the push-to-talk button, also called press to transmit button, which activates the transmitter and its release activates the receiver. Many staff of security firms, emergency firms, commercial and industrial companies have been seen using two way radios.

What are the advantages of using this form of communication?

1. Reliability

When using two way radios, you only need the two radios to start a communication between you and another person. No other infrastructure is required for the two of you to communicate. This is the simplest way of communicating.

2. Repeater Operation

When using two way radios with duplex channels, repeater operation is possible meaning the range of communication can be extended providing there is an improved power of the transmitter and proper location of the aerial in terms of height.

3. Privacy

The vertex standard two way radios offer maximum performance at a cost that is low. There are many types of mobile land radios but using the portable two way radios have always been preferred. The vertex standard has a unique feature called the stun/kill/revive modes, which makes the radio easy to recover in case it is stolen. The stun mode turns off the radio remotely preventing any other person from using it. Another mode, revive, is used when the lost radio is recovered thus reactivating its transmission power. The kill mode disables the radio completely if it goes missing permanently.

4. Safety

Workers in different professions prefer using two way radios as a safety measure. Such professions include prison warders, police patrols and security firms that work overnight. When a worker is alone, the two way radio can be set so that after a specified period of time the worker must reset it. Failure to reset will cause an emergency signal to be automatically sent to notify colleagues that you may need help.

5. Connection Monitor

Most two way radios have the out of range alerter called the Auto-Range Transpond System (ARTS), which enables the person using the radio if they are still in communication range. This is particularly useful in places when constant connection is vital.

6. They Are Dependable

Using two way radios is possible in areas where the cell phone cannot be used. Their controls are more effective and they can also be used on a bandwidth, which accommodates many people using the two way radios. The radios can also be used efficiently during field excursions and adventures such as hiking. Two way radios also have a longer battery life then cell phones and the batteries can be recharged.

7. Durability

Two way radios are normally made to military standards, meaning they can be used comfortably in wet environments and are able to withstand hard shocks.

In conclusion, using two way radios from two way radio shop are far from over given their application in many professions and the advantages they have over other types of portable devices as mentioned above.

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