Your Guide to a Perfect and Safe Holiday


Are you ready for the most amazing experience of your life? With this guide, we’ll help you plan the perfect holiday! Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or something in between, there’s something here for everyone. Along with our tips and tricks on where to go and what to do while you’re there, we’ll make sure your holiday is a memorable one.

Choose the right destination

There are so many incredible places to explore, and narrowing it down can be tricky! Think about what kind of holiday you’d like to have – from a relaxing beach getaway to an action-packed adventure such as the Kinabatangan riverside lodges in Borneo. Make sure you pick the right destination for your needs.

Don’t forget the accommodation. Your choice of hotel or resort will change depending on which destination you choose. Consider the budget as well as the amenities and facilities they have to offer – comfort is key for a great holiday!

How to choose a safe place to stay

When travelling, safety is paramount. Make sure you research the area you’re visiting to ensure it’s safe for tourists and check current travel advice from your government before embarking on your holiday. Once there, book accommodation in well-lit areas and consider any security features such as closed-circuit cameras or emergency buttons if available.

Things to do

While it’s tempting to spend your entire holiday lying by the pool, don’t forget there are some incredible experiences out there! Research what’s available in the area and make sure you plan enough time to experience it all. Whether it’s scuba diving, trekking through a rainforest, or simply relaxing on a beach, make sure you also leave time for some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Your Guide to a Perfect and Safe Holiday

Your packing list

One of the most important steps in preparing for a holiday is packing – and overpacking! Make sure you pack all your necessary items, such as clothes, toiletries, and any medication you may need. Also, be sure to bring some basic first aid supplies just in case. Don’t forget your camera and a few extra batteries so you can document all the wonderful memories you’re sure to make!

Check the safety of the location you are going to visit

It’s important to ensure your safety when travelling abroad. Check the local area and make sure you are familiar with any dangerous situations or areas that may put you at risk. Carry a map of the area, don’t carry too much money, and always keep an eye on your surroundings.

Be mindful of cultural differences

When venturing into a new area, it is important to be mindful of the culture and customs of the people living there. Respect their ways and do your best to blend in – don’t stand out too much or appear too affluent. Learn some basic phrases in the local language to help you navigate around, and try to fit in as much as possible.

Learn the basics of the language

To make the most out of your holiday, learn some basic phrases in the local language. Even a few words can go a long way – you might just surprise yourself and end up having an interesting conversation with locals! Don’t forget to pick up a phrasebook or download a translation app to help you along the way.

Bring souvenirs for friends & family

It’s always nice to bring back some souvenirs for your friends and family. Whether it’s a trinket from the local market or something unique that you can only find in the area, make sure you have enough room in your suitcase to bring home some goodies!


We hope you have a wonderful time on your holiday! With some careful planning and our helpful tips, we know you’ll make the most of it. So go explore, create memories, and enjoy every moment – after all, that’s why you’re there! Have an amazing trip!

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