Small Group Adventure Tours in America: Tips for Travelers


Take your small group on an adventure tour in America to experience sightseeing over the course of several weeks. Read on for information about the types of tours that are offered. Find out about the areas in which the tours take place and the deals that you can receive on your tickets.

Types of American Adventure Tours

Small-group American tours are organized into six main formats: multi-activity, walking holiday, family adventure, leisurely trip, epic journey and adventure cruise. Multi-activity tours include excursions such as horseback riding and kayaking, while walking tours are centered on activities such as trekking and hiking. Family adventure trips involve a number of child-friendly experiences and leisurely trips are well suited to those who desire less strenuous activities. Epic journeys take place in the finest locations for sightseeing, such as the Inca Trail. Lastly, adventure cruises are geared toward those who enjoy touring America on vessels.

Locations of American Adventure Tours

North American adventure holidays encompass sightseeing in a variety of locations within the United States, including the national parks of the West and Southwest, the Grand Canyon, the Deep South, Colonial New England and the California coast. A number of active, cruising and leisurely tours operate throughout Alaska as well. Other North American tours are situated in Canada and are focused around tourist attractions such as the Canadian Rockies and the Yukon River. Those who are interested in touring Central America or South America as part of a small group also have many options to choose from. In Central America, adventure tours operate in Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico and Guatemala. In South America, groups can tour locations such as Patagonia, Brazil, Peru and Galapagos.

Adventure Tours in America

Deals on American Adventure Tours

Some people are concerned about the cost of booking adventure tours in America, but with the many deals that are available for participants, these trips provide incredible value for the money. For example, you can often become aware of deals and special offers on tours when you request information via email updates. Another option for saving money on a small-group tour is to take advantage of a “late deal” offer through which discounts are available on seats that have yet to be filled. Those who have previously participated in an adventure tour are eligible to join a members’ club and receive further discounts on travel for themselves and their companions.

If you have always wanted to take an exciting, fun and adventure-packed tour of an American region, one of the small-group holidays described above may be just what you are looking for. When sharing such a unique travel experience, you and your tour companions can form close friendship bonds and create special memories of your time together.

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