Switch to Life Friendly Options with Electronic Cigarette


The electronic cigarette is the newly developed eco-friendly cigarettes. This cigarette helps the smokers to quit smoking. This cigarette is also known as e-cig, vapo or e-cigarette. To be specific the cigarettes are a small electronic gazette which comes with various accessories in the market that include nicotine cartridge, and with the flavors and nicotine strength and battery charger. The strength of the nicotine can be easily maintain by increasing or decreasing the strength of nicotine to high, medium, low and even zero. The other accessories that is needed includes the USB charger, PCC (personal charging case) or car charger. The e-cig is also available in various shapes and sizes like traditional cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

Electronic Cigarette – Friendly Living

The electronic cigarette is helpful in many ways, as they are not so much harmful like the traditional cigarettes. As these cigarettes contains food flavor in it, like vanilla, coffee, cola, strawberry, Boston cream pie. It does not produce any kind of foul odor like the traditional cigarette. It produce vapor which contains mist. The cigarettes are eco-friendly and can be consumed in any place; it may be indoor or outdoor also. Sometimes even this kind of cigarettes can be consumed in the no smoking zone.

The cigarettes are easy to use, thus the electronic cigarette needs one time charge before they being consumed. The charge for the e-cig can last up to 10 to 12 hours. Thus the expense on the cigarette can be reduced with the help of charging than the traditional cigarettes. The cigarettes are available wide now w days. Different online stores have come up for these cigarettes. The cigarettes were introduced in 2006 and become popular among the smokers very fast. These cigarettes are produced in different parts of the world. It is produced in U.S.A, China, and different parts of Europe. The online stores made the e-cig easily available for their customers.

Some Advantages to Electronic Cigarette Are:

  • This e-cig does not have any tar in it. The cigarettes have 99.9% less carcinogens than the traditional cigarettes. The traditional cigarette contains 4000 chemical compounds which are harmful, but the e-cigarettes do not have such harmful chemicals. They contain chemicals which are there in foods.
  • The cigarette comes with the nicotine cartridge. Thus the level of the nicotine is easily maintained. The cartridge can be refilled also.
  • The e-cig does not have any foul odor like the traditional cigarettes. They only produce vapor which has mist in it.
  • There is no risk of second smoking, as it is in traditional cigarette.
  • The electronic cigarette is easy to use. As it needs one time charge for the battery? It does not require any ashtray, lighter etc.
  • The e-cig is available in different food flavors. This is not available with the traditional cigarette.
  • This cigarette is also consider as eco-friendly cigarette and can be taken anywhere.

It is also highly recommended for the use of those, who are above the 18 years of age. Not for minors.

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