The 3 best Fat Burning Exercise Routines


Trying to lose weight can seem like an endless battle. In fact at times it may appear as if those stubborn pounds just won’t shed regardless of how hard a person exercises. Any time that you experience this, you should consider stepping up youtr game. There are 3 exercise routines that will push your body into a fat burning machine.

HIT Cardio

HIT cardio has been gaining in popularity for its fat burning properties. This exercise routine gives a high impact workout and literally melts the fat away. There are several variations of this exercise ensuring to satisfy anyone wanting to get a high impact workout while still having fun. For HIT to be successful, you simply need to switch intensity levels throughout the routine. An example of a HIT workout would be interchanging speeds such as beginning with a light jog for 1 minute and then running at full speed for 30 seconds. This is repeated consistently for 20 minutes. Any time this workout is performed, it’s imperative that 5 minutes are spent warming up and cooling down.

Bell Training

One relatively new exercise segments in fitness circles right now is kettle bell training. Kettle bells were originally used to train the Russian military and are now part of gym equipment across the country. They are known for their fat blasting abilities as well as their muscle building and toning capabilities. A sample exercise routine with kettle bells is starting out by performing 30 swings, going into 10 clean and presses per side, followed by circle eights. There are several kettle bell movements and some routines will use all of them or just specific variants. It’s imperative that you choose to take a kettle bell class or speak with their personal trainers about this exercise option, as they are swinging a weighted ball and could unintentionally injure themselves.

Medicine Ball Routine

A less common, yet increasingly popular routine for many fitness enthusiasts is using a medicine ball for one of their cardio days. Medicine ball cardio sessions are best performed outside however can be done inside with a little creativity. The ideal place for this routine is to have a space the length of a high school football field. To perform this exercise set simply start out at one side of the field and throw the ball overhead. Run after the ball and continue until at least four laps have been completed.

All three of these exercises will provide results. Many people choose to switch back and forth between these exercises so that their body doesn’t adapt to doing the same routine over and over. Regardless of whether one of these options are chosen or all three, stubborn fat will melt away with the help of these routines.

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