The Benefits of Dual Power Distribution Systems


Many data centers now base their power infrastructure design around dual power supply. This means that within the facility there are two main power sources that are providing electricity. Even if one shuts down, the other will continue to provide power, thereby ensuring continuous server uptime.

However, implementing a dual power design within a facility is a complicated task. If the design and structure is not correct, problems like high power charges due to under-utilization are possible. Circuit breaker trip on restart or failover can also occur. Both of these issues can lead to server downtime. It is also exactly what a quality data center is trying to avoid, as its reputation relies on its ability to provide 99.9% uptime for its clients.

Dealing with Structural Design Issues

Dual power distribution systems are currently being used within many major data centers. They have the ability to provide sustainability, as well as dependability. This results in savings for both the center and its customers.

Without a proper dual power system, a circuit breaker can end up tripping upon failover. That is why professional electrical engineers use device known as a whip. The whip is connected to the main power line that provides electricity to a server rack, cabinet or suite. The other end of the whip is then fixed into the server storage unit. A whip has a current rating of about 10 Amperes.

The best part about using a whip is that the maximum power load that it can burden itself with is about 80% of the breaker power rating. Therefore, it eliminates any situation where a breaker ends up getting overloaded.

On the other hand, dual power systems are notorious in regards to power loss if their design is not properly implemented. When a power outage occurs in one of the main power lines, it can take a set amount of time for the power switch to occur. For optimal transference, automatic transfer switches are used. With these automatic transfer switches, the time for transferring between power lines is less than seconds.

Many devices such as servers will shut down if transfer between power lines is not within a certain time limit. It does not take long for a server to shut off when it loses power. However, automatic transfer switch devices are designed specifically for catering to such devices. That is why data centers are fitted with such features. In addition, optimal transference is also the best way to minimize power loss. That results in increasing the overall energy rating of a data center, as well.

Also, underutilization can result in excessive energy costs. Therefore, it is important for data centers to make sure that they setup their power infrastructure in a way so that underutilization is kept at bay. In order to avoid this particular issue, it is imperative that power circuits and distribution lines are set up according to required specifications.

Dual power systems help ensure the reliability of data centers’ power infrastructure. This is the most important thing to most of its customers. That reliability can then be reflected in a high energy utilization rating for the building itself. A high energy rating results in more profitability for the data center and less fees for its customers.

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