Tailgating Party Ideas


As we say goodbye to the Summer and welcome cooler weather and Fall into our lives, there is another great thing to celebrate, football season is here! Football is a time for gathering good friends, great food and fun drinks as we indulge in one of America’s favorite sports. Football is huge on socialization – encouraged with many football watching parties and the most sought after tailgating parties! Whether you love professional ball or college ball There is nothing better than gathering together with thousands of diehard fans that are there to celebrate and really get into the spirit of the school and sport via the pre-game tailgating party. If you are a tailgating virgin, we have come up with some must have ideas to have a seriously, awesome tailgating party!

Represent Your Team

The first must is to represent your team. Don your finest duds that showcase who you are rooting for. Spirit wear for your team is what true fans wear, whether it is a shirt, hat or a beanie. This branding helps tie you together with other fans and can make your tailgating experience even better by connecting with your fellow fans. Another great way to represent your team is to get team flags to place on your vehicle or tailgating tent – that way everyone knows what team you are going for.

Bring Pre-Game Necessities

Tailgating is a whole lot about socializing and gathering together to bond a camaraderie amongst the other fans, but it is also about getting excited about the game that is about to ensue. Make sure you keep tabs on the real pre-game by bringing your television sets and radios to stay attuned with the commentary. You can also play some great tunes to get everyone rocking with a good MP3 player and portable speaker set – now you have all of your technology bases covered. Other tailgating necessities are group activities like dominos, washers and bags to help pass the time by as your drink and socialize.

Mix Favorite Drinks

No tailgating party is complete without a wide array of adult beverages to partake in consuming. Of course having beer on hand is a good thing, but a true tailgating host will also have the basic alcohols with delicious mixers. Long-Island ice teas are a great football drink, as is vodka with cranberry juice and rum and coke, make sure to not forget the peppermint schnapps to spike hot coco on cold fall days.

Grill Up Tasty Treats

You do not want to spend all morning and afternoon drinking without having some great grilled food to put away in your stomach. Great options are hotdogs and burgers, or you can even step it up a notch and prepare some chicken wings and ribs the night before with mouth-watering marinades. A perfect side combination for these main courses are of course chips or even homemade potato wedges seasoned with salt, garlic and a dab of olive oil to get them perfectly cooked over the open flame. A fresh vegetable tray with ranch is another easy side dish that is perfect for snacking.

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